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How to Use MoCap Pro Gloves

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Connect Timecode to MoCap Pro Gloves

Integration with OptiTrack in MotionBuilder

Re-targeting to Multiple Character Types

MoCap Pro Gloves WiFi Connectivity


MotionBuilder – Configuring the StretchSense Plugin

MotionBuilder – Using Freestyle Mode

MoCap Pro Gloves Features & Development

Catch up on innovation, sneak peek previews and experiments as we explore and develop the MoCap Pro. 

New Filter: Finger Touch Slow and Fast

SNEAK PEEK – Metacarpal Articulation

MoCap Pro Gloves in Action

See what others are doing with the MoCap Pro Glove.

Zombie Hands in a Production Environment (Part 1)
Zombie Hands in a Production Environment (Part 2)
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