MoCap Pro: SuperSplay

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MoCap Pro SuperSplay gloves provide an ideal pipeline solution for film and game animation studios.

This second generation MoCap Pro gloves contain highly accurate splay sensors that provide reliable finger tracking data, palm grips, velcro on the exterior and superior comfort for performers.

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Each finger and thumb sleeve contains a splay sensor that has three sensing zones to capture the bend of each knuckle as well as the sideways splay, or finger spread, of each digit. A wrist sensor captures the lateral movement of the wrist for improved calibration.

A low-profile sensing board connects to all 16 sensing channels, and the glove circuit supports Bluetooth and USB communication protocols, timecode input, MicroSD logging and an optional IMU for hand orientation and tracking in space.

StretchSense MotionBuilder plugins are available now. StretchSense Hand Engine software will be launched July 2020 for expanded support for Unity and Unreal, with support for Maya and other platforms coming soon.


  1. Rubberized grips on the palm

    Rubberized grips improve performer safety and make the gloves ideal for prop or stunt work. 

  2. Velcro for optical markers

    Being able to attach optical markers to the back of the glove provides the ability to add redundant data and better integrate the coordinate system of MoCap Pro gloves and optical tracking systems

  3. Stretchier fabric

    We’ve introduced a stretchier feel to the new gloves so that each size will now fit a wider range of hands, and be even more comfortable for performers who wear gloves on full day shoots

  4. Improved splay sensors

    Improved splay / finger spread detection means a much larger cross section of performers will get a good output because the hardware carries more of the load. A higher signal to noise ratio means gloves can be calibrated even faster than the original MoCap Pro, because fewer training poses are required –  saving time and money. 

    Even if a performer doesn’t train properly, there is a higher chance of a good signal and a good relationship between the data recorded by the glove and the mocap software.


  • Rubberized grips on the palm
  • Velcro on the back of the hand, index and pinky metacarpals, and on the back of each finger tip
  • Stretchy fabric to allow for a wide variety of hand shapes and sizes
  • 5x Integrated 3-channel multi-segment splay sensors (measures finger spread)
  • 1x Wrist sensor for added accuracy
  • 1x 16-channel sensing board with built-in battery charging, Bluetooth and StretchSense ASIC
  • 1x Expansion module for USB connectivity, timecode input, onboard SD card logging, and optional IMU
  • 1x Electronics enclosure
  • 8-hour continuous use battery life


  • Bluetooth dongle with MoCap Pro firmware installed
  • 1.8m USB to USB Micro cable
  • USB-C to USB-C cable


  • UltraSync One module
  • MoCap Pro Timecode Arm Band
  • IMU module


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