MoCap Pro Gloves (Pair)

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The MoCap Pro Glove is a new pipeline solution for animation and game studios.

Our MoCap Pro Glove contains highly accurate splay sensors that provide reliable motion data – all without sacrificing actor comfort.


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Each finger and thumb sleeve contains a splay sensor that has three sensing zones to capture the bending of each knuckle as well as the sideways splay of each digit.

A low-profile sensing board connects to all 15 sensing channels and transmits data wirelessly to a mobile App. The glove circuit supports multiple communication protocols (Bluetooth and UART) and expandability options to integrate with inertial sensors, time synchronization modules, and SD cards.

To start capturing hand motion, download the StretchSense MoCap Unity App from the Android store or visit the StretchSense Github page for our MotionBuilder plugin and API libraries.

Each glove in a pair contains:

  • 5x Integrated 3-channel multi-segment splay sensors
  • 1x 16-channel sensing board with built-in battery charging, Bluetooth + StretchSense ASIC
  • 1x Expansion module for onboard SD card logging, timecode input, IMU input and USB connectivity
  • 1x Electronics enclosure
  • 1x 9-axis IMU
  • 8-hour battery life
  • Breakout board

Additional components:

  • 1x 1m MicroUSB cable for USB connectivity and charging
  • 1x USB C – USB C cable for the UltraSync One module
  • IMU module

Not included:

  • UltraSync One module

Available Apps and plugins:

  • StretchSense Data Visualization App (Android + iOS)
  • StretchSense MoCap Unity
  • MotionBuilder plugin (2016-2019) via USB connection


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Useful Links

Unity MoCap App – Android

Unity MoCap App – iOS

StretchSense GitHub

StretchSense Mocap Pro Glove sdk 


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